This week on The Revealing join host Shavon Ayala and guest David Gosselin as they delve into PSYOPS, Neurolinguistic Programming and Nudging techniques utilized by our own intelligence agencies and government to control the masses.   Check out his series on Candian Partriot Press: Breaking the Spell: MindSpace, Trance Warfare, and Neuro Linguistic Programming; MindSpace, Psyops, and Cognitive

On this episode of The Revealing join Shavon Ayala and this week’s guest Kerri Rivera, author of Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism as they discuss healing from vaccine injuries like Autism.  From Autism to Alzheimer’s find out about protocols that are transforming lives. You can find more on Kerri and the information she shares here: http://kerririvera.com/ on

Join Shavon Ayala and Andrew “Andy” Basiago on this episode of The Revealing as they discuss Andrew’s participation in the first U.S. Teleportation and Time Travel Program, Project Pegasus.  Andrew’s father, who became part of certain U.S. defense efforts following the July 1952 phenomenon of nine saucers appearing over Washington D.C., utilized his youngest son

There has been a void as it comes to care for those defecting from high level cults, survivors of government sponsored mind control projects and other targeted individuals.  Daniel Duval has stood in this gap and has been serving this population and more for years through Bride Ministries: https://bridemovement.com/prayer-resources-3/.  He is a wealth of knowledge and experience