In this episode of Forbidden News, Alexandra Bruce provides updates on President Trump’s charity event, the push for Hunter Biden’s indictment, Kash Patel’s involvement in the Senior Executive Service, synthetic meat stemming from celebrity cell tissues, parasitical “edible” insects, electric automobiles, and Monkey Pox. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/ SUBSCRIBE TO AMPINSIDER FOR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, BACKSTAGE ACCESS, EVENTS, AND MORE! Subscribe Here! BUY

Chris Erxy, “Baby Trump,” a former Golden Gloves boxer said what Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum failed to calculate in their “Plandemic” was the heart, spirits, and minds of patriots and freedom seeking Americans. The COVID-19 lockdowns created an entire subpopulation of 1776 revolutionaries, who intend to win the war against tyranny, and

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